Demographics / Press Run / Readership

Demographics: Tidbits® reaches a wide variety people who are out and about with time on their hands and money in their pockets. Tidbits® is read in restaurants, fast-food eateries, doctors’ offices, hospitals, tire stores and hundreds of businesses throughout the Greeley/Centerra/Loveland area.

Press run: At least 10,000 copies of Tidbits are printed every other week.

Readership: Tidbits® of Greeley/Centerra/Loveland is read by approximately 50,000 people every month (not counting online readers). Studies have been done that reveal the average Tidbits paper is read by 3 people. Some are returned to the stand after being read, others are taken home or back to the office where they are shared with others. 


Tidbits® is distributed FREE in over 300 locations in Greeley, Centerra, and Loveland, but also in the surrounding communities of Berthoud, LaSalle, Evans, Kersey, Eaton, Johnstown and Windsor.

Frequency of publication

Tidbits® of Greeley/Centerra/Loveland publishes a print edition every-other-week with distribution on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. As a bonus to our advertisers and readers a full on-line version with different text is made available every week. The online edition is gaining an increasing audience because of the wide use of SmartPhones and tablets.


Noon (Mountain Time) on Friday. Call or email us for specific deadlines for the print edition. Office: 970.475.4829 or email:

Ad Requirements

CMYK, 300 DPI delivered to us email as Tiff, Jpg or PDF.
Email to:

Ad rates

Please read this first:

You will like the simplicity of our rate card and the way we do business

You will understand our clearly stated ad sizes and rates. Confusing column inch calculations and hazy ad dimensions are a thing of the past.

You will like our one-rate rate card. We respect you so we don’t want to haggle over price. We have one price for each size of ad whether it appears in the paper for three months or three years.

You will like the way we do business: We do business on a handshake.  We believe a person’s word is their bond. It may seem old fashioned, but we believe the best kind of business you can get today is business built on mutual trust.

It works like this: Should you decide to do business with us we will make a memo of our agreement. The memo says that if for some reason either of us cannot perform as agreed, we simple let the other person know. Someone once called this a “no contract contract.”
CLICK HERE for an example of our MEMO

Ad size and rate for the front page

Size: 3.25” Wide X 4” High
Rate: $414 per month (assumes a 3 month run) Open Rate: $500 per month

Ad sizes and rates for inside pages

Business Card Ad

Size: 3” Wide X 2” High
Rate: $129 per month – 3 month minimum

Small Ad

Size: 3.25” Wide X 3.8” High
Rate: $237 per month (assumes a 3 month run) Open Rate: $259 per month

Medium Ad

Size: 6.75” Wide X 3.8” High
Rate: $397 per month (assumes a 3 month run) Open Rate: $450 per month

Large Ad

Size: 6.75” Wide X 7.8” High
Rate: $727 Per Month (assumes a 3 month run) Open Rate: $762 per month

Half Page Ad

Size: 10.25 Wide” X 7.8” High
Rate: $845 Per Month (assumes a 3 month run) Open Rate: $999 per month

Full Page Ad

Size: 10.25” Wide X 15.5” High
Rate: $1625 per month (assumes a 3 month run) Open Rate: $1900 per month

Two Full Page Ads

Call to discuss the possibilities!

Unusual ad sizes: Not all ads in Tidbits® fit into one of the above size categories. If you have a special size ad you would like to place, call us we will do our best to accommodate you!

Special placement: You can request special placement of your ad, but you will have to call or email us to see what might be available. Call 970.475.4829 or email


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All advertising is billed monthly in advance
Check or Credit Cards Accepted
Visa / MC / Discover / American Express

Remember - we will design an ad for you at NO cost BEFORE you buy anything!
For all the advertising info you need call Ron Ross
720.934.7677 Cell or - 970.475.4829 Office